A legend for tomorrow

There was once a vast world cherished by the universe where innumerable beings joined together in a fertile network of living landscapes.

Over time, one species came to dominate the others.
The members of this species called themselves “Humans”, which means “Creatures of the Earth”.

They separated themselves from “Creatures of Heaven” and dared to shape they own destiny.At first the order of things changed only in subtle ways.

Then, more and more rapidly, humans established their superiority over other living beings, adapted the environment to their own ends and eventually lost touch with their own roots in the Earth.

Cut of from their earthly origins, humans lost their relation to the invisible, elemental forces of the universe. They now believed that they themselves held mastery over the world.

They devoted themselves to the adoration and possession of objects, to the point that they were driven to commit extreme acts of violence. In order to satisfy the demands of this cult of the “Object Machine” they sowed destruction all around them. They disemboweled the earth to pull out its entrails.
They poisoned the air and the water. They exterminated huge numbers of other living species.Eventually the day arrived that threatened the survival of all life in this vast world, once so fertile but now only hanging by a thread. But humans plunged frantically ahead, refusing to heed the messages sent to them by the matrix of life, the Earth.
Humans became more and more numerous, more and more desperate to exploit the last remains of this precious earth, even if only to secure only the most illusory and meager of profits.Somewhere, women began to murmur amongst themselves. They began to realize that somehow this “New Order” was based of a death wish. They too had believed in the superiority of humans and their mastery of the laws of nature but at the same time they could no longer bear to see that the eyes of their children were empty.In the looks of their children, these ancestors of the future, they could read the condemnation of a civilization that had sacrificed itself to the worship of things.
They then remembered their own magic nature, they recalled how women had been able to communicate with the invisible forces of nature and that realize that they still carried within them this power.From an old memory buried under the institutions of the “New Order” the original myths once again began to rise. The women then began to see the world with new eyes. They came to a better understanding of the past and a new vision of the future. The present moment suddenly seemed to them dangerously absurd.
So much inventiveness and such an unquestioning belief in progress, only to arrive at a world in ruins, where flowers die and birds no longer sing.They tried to raise the alarm, alerting everyone around them, but the others members of their species only dug their gaze deeper into the dials, screens, visors and other technological appendages in which they had so long placed their faith. Blinded by urgency, they lost touch with the essential.
So the women held a council.
They decided to send a messenger to consult the spirit of an ancient Mother Goddess who lived, so it was said, close to a Sacred Mountain.

The messenger traveled long to reach this place.

But how should one address the Mother Goddess?
Did she really exist?
What could one believe in these troubled times?
Along the way, the messenger felt herself at times shaken by obscure forces to the depths of her soul, even though she had been taught that the soul did not exist.Eventually, she found a spot on a hill between the two summits that crowned the Sacred Mountain, lit a small fire, warmed herself by the flames, prepared her offerings and waited. Four nights passed without anything happening. Clinging to her last hope, she lit the fire for the fifth night, offered her last cup of wine, swallowed her last crust of bread and for the fifth time invoked the name of the Mother Goddess.
Then there was a quivering of the flames and her spirit received this message:

“It is the hand that opens the mind. Re-discover the power of your hands. A way will be shown to you. Have faith and you will be guided through the shadows which have overtaken your world.”

The messenger retuned to rejoin her companions. Hearing the message, they asked themselves, how can this be?
No-one uses their hands anymore – everything is done by machine. The ones in charge of production have been appointed as specialists by the “New Order”. Nobody else has the power or even the ability to create. The discussion lasted a very long time, until finally a very old woman intervened:

“-My dear sisters”, she said, “stop chattering and get to work.
I remember a time when we used our hands every day, spinning, weaving, sewing.
Our hands are the best tools we have.
We all have hands. Let us use them. Let us join them together. Let us spin, weave and sew that which we feel in our hearts and show it to the world.”

And so the women set about their task, each of them investing all her faith and hopes in one square of cloth.

When they joined these squares together, a large quilt began to take shape.

Soon the word spread and more and more squares of cloth came forward from all corners of the world, the expression of a widespread collective desire.
Once sewn together, the quilt formed an immense tapestry, the largest that had ever been, and the shimmering squares together told a story of light, life and hope snatched from the dark jaws of a dying world.
The quilt, nurtured by so many hopes and nourished by the power of so many hands, began to take on a movement and life of its own.
Wherever it went, the Living Blanket gathered vitality. It took on the creative power to recover lost rivers, rebuild communities, protect forests, and bring warmth and comfort there where before had reigned division and indifference.
In its wake sprung up new alternatives, humans having rediscovered their powers of invention. New solutions were found to cloth, nourish, educate, celebrate, respect and care for all forms of life.
The powerful energy unlocked by this act of collective creation soon engendered a community of destinies whose survival was woven together by the manifestation of a universal consciousness.

The blanket became infinite, never ceasing to grow, the gigantic standard of a myriad humans on their way to realizing the simple joy of Being.



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